A corporate client Yoga class relaxing in Savasana

A corporate client Yoga class relaxing in Savasana

Corporate / School Sessions

Alongside my class schedule and private sessions, I can come in to the workplace to bring calm in to the working environment, as well as with teachers and kids after school.

Corporate Sessions

" We engaged with James here at Hays Recruitment in London on a 10 week Yoga programme, and have found him to be friendly, flexible, and considerate of our requirements.

James is able to keep his classes fun, varied, and is always asking for feedback from the class in order to alter, advance, or change the weekly routines.

Sitting for hours at a desk can take it's toll on our bodies, and following James' classes we have seen significant improvement within posture, as well as decreases stress levels!We have a real mix of Yoga abilities here and he is able to cater to all, and demonstrate advanced moves for those that are capable. We like him so much, we have just extended our partnership for another 10 week assignment! "

Kate, Corporate Yoga client (Hays Recruitment)

 Yoga is great to introduce into any corporate environment. There are increasing amounts of stress and pressures put on employees in the current economic climate due to competitive and cost-cutting, and over long periods of time this can have detrimental effects on overall health and well-being. Physical posture can also be affected due to sitting in chairs for long periods of time, so we are facing a new epidemic of 20 and 30 year old's with sore legs and backs and being unable to touch their toes.

I used to work in Recruitment, so I am familiar with the hardships of the sales environment and the stresses that come along with KPI's and targets. Regular Yoga practice can help reduce a lot of these negative symptoms, and keep your employees motivated and physically fit to improve health, determination and focus. 

Yoga can have the following effect on your employees:

- Improvement of overall health and well-being

- Reduction of stress, anxiety and fatigue

- Improvement of physical posture and alignment

- Reduction of physical pain or the lower back, legs and shoulders

- Increased productivity, efficiency, motivation and morale 

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School Sessions

 "Set a challenge for James to teach my brownie pack Yoga! 17 girls aged 7-11 this week and it was brilliant. The girls enjoyed every minute and learnt so much. My girls are very lively and James handled them like a pro! Never seen them so relaxed, calm and happy. Round 2 next week with the other 16 and we can not wait. Can not recommend James highly enough. Thanks!!! "

Natalie, Kids Class with 2nd Hornchurch Brownies

A group of Yogi's outside during a Yoga workshop


Having quite a number of friends and students who are Teachers that come to my class, they have opened my eyes up to the stresses, responsibilities and high workloads that are placed on them every term (and even during their breaks). All of this additional stress and having to stand and teach all day and then sit down all evening to mark work, means that teachers burn out and have tight legs and backs. Yoga allows the teachers let go and relax after stretching out at the end of the day and helps them to experience the the following:

- Improvement of overall health and well-being

- Reduction of stress, anxiety and fatigue

- Improvement of physical posture and alignment

- Reduction of physical pain or the lower back, legs and shoulders

- Increased productivity, efficiency, motivation and morale 

For certain reasons I don't take pictures of my Kids classes, so here is a dog doing Yoga instead


 The kids classes can vary depending on age. I find that most kids have a lot more energy and are looking for guidance in how to direct and reinforce this in a positive way. Mentally, I incorporate different sounds and smells, and guide them through introductory breathing and meditation techniques, helping to learn to improve their focus, attention, concentration and well-being. Physically, they are generally already quite flexible and can get into positions some of us can only dream of! The class offers them to opportunity to build motor skills and help with balance and body control, allowing them to discover all the things their bodies can do which most are unaware that they have the ability to do so.

I also currently teach a wonderful group of secondary school kids who are on the Autistic spectrum, and it is a great opportunity for them to be involved in something that is different to the busy school world that is in a calm, positive environment that stimulates the senses where they can express themselves. Due to elements of Dyspraxia, deep rooted emotional issues and tight legs, hips and backs, these classes are highly beneficial for them to learn balance and coordination, deep stretch and have a nice long relaxation at the end of class.
To summarise, kids classes can have the following benefits:

- Improved sense of well-being and deeper self-emotional understanding

- Increased levels of motor skills, balance and body control

- Reduced levels of agitation and fidgeting

- Raised levels of concentration and focus

- Have fun trying out new poses

- Exploring their creativity in designing their own new poses 

- Building teamwork by working together in partner poses