Class Information

An outdoors Yoga class at the Fairkytes Art Centre in Hornchurch

 I offer two different types of classes in Collier Row and Hornchurch - Hatha Vinyasa Flow, and Wellbe-YIN. There are many different types of Yoga classes out there usually with little information provided, so I have included an explanation with pictures below with each type that I teach.

In all classes I have tailored the use of different types of music and sounds, the use of singing bowls, a range of incense, essential oils, and the burning of white sage and palo santo to help clear negative energies and set a positive and focused space to practice Yoga in. 

Hatha Vinyasa Flow

A mixture of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga styles blended together to offer a class that will strengthen the body, increase flexibility and improve presence of the mind through active breathing and relaxation. Hatha means "willfull", and is dedicated to holding postures for a number of breaths, and Vinyasa Flow means "moving" or "sequenced. When combined, this style offers is great for:

- Increasing strength, flexibility and energy
- Improving alignment, stability and control of the body
- Creating balance, internal focus and concentration
- Promoting a sense of calm, well-being, and reducing stress/anxiety

These are beginner to intermediate classes with varying options available during certain poses depending on where you are in your practice. The sessions change every week to keep your practice new and challenging each time, and can focus on a mixture back bends, twisting, balancing, core strengthening, inversions, stretching and internal balance. 


My Wellbe-YIN classes is a play on the word "wellbeing", which are specifically designed to help balance the mind and body. These classes are of the YIN variety, which are restorative, relaxing, and offer that time for yourself to deep stretch, relax and switch off for an hour. They are great for:

- Alleviating thigh and lower back pain- Runners/cyclists with stiff hips, quads and hamstrings
- Recovering from injury  and reintroducing back into exercise
- Reducing high levels of stress and anxiety

The classes start with practicing breathing techniques to become grounded and centred into the class, learning how to control  the breath helping to reduce stress and anxiety and an active mind. This is followed by the main part of the session involving a variety of deep stretches for up to 5 minutes to reduce pain and increase mobility, and finishes in Savasana (laying down) with a guided meditation to help neutralise the spine from stretching and allow your self to let go, drift off and relax.