About Me

My Story


I used to work in London in corporate employment living an 8am - 7-8pm lifestyle. Every day it was the same thing, get up early, make sales in the day, come home, eat sleep and repeat all over again, living for Fridays for the weekend, but spending most of it hungover or sleeping off the mentally exhausting week. Despite the system telling me that I must work hard to earn a living and then I will be happy, true happiness never seemed to really come.  One day, I was sitting at my desk one day and had to admit to myself:

 "I am not happy with my current lifestyle, there must be more to life than just this?"

 I looked around and everyone was so serious and stressed, my bosses seemed angry and frustrated (was this my fate to be in 5-10 years time?), and my back, thighs and shoulders were in agony from sitting in a chair as my desk all day. In my early 20's I was unable to touch my shins folding forward, let alone my toes - something didn't feel right with this scenario and things needed to change.

 I used to be naturally a very nervous person in front of people, being afraid of talking in public, of voicing my opinion and speaking up in general, so I started looking up meditation guides online, working with energy or "Chakras" to clear any blockages that I seemed to have. There wasn't many guides out there that I found too useful and they all seemed too "airy", so I had to try and figure out what worked best for me and learned what helped to reduce my own stress and anxiety, but also how to prevent it from happening again not just covering it up. This is where I started to really get into working on my mindset and starting to try and meditate everywhere - on the train into work, on the bus from the station, and even in the sauna (still to this day my favourite place). 


I was immediately called to starting up Yoga classes. It was as if once I had admitted that where I was wasn't right for me, the right doors started to open and a new path started appear in front of me. I searched for local classes and found a class in Hornchurch held by a wonderful Yogi by the name of Kylie, and made my way to my first session. She immediately made me feel as if I was at home, and during the Savasana (relaxation) I had an awakening; the colour purple exploded in front of my eyes, and a cool sensation travelled all the way down my spine. After this moment I glimpsed at Nirvana, and it was as if I had developed empathy - I was able to sense how people were feeling around me and unfortunately, most people were sad or carried a lot of stress, tension and anxiety.

 2 weeks after this I felt the need to no longer smoke or drink, and my anxiety seemed to have disappeared.

 I had found what I was looking for, that state of knowing, contentment and bliss that had been missing all this time that I couldn't find from what was considered normal life. From taking Yoga classes I knew that it was my life's mission to be able to pass on the teachings that I had learned or discovered from my reading of particular books, meditation, and Yoga experiences as it made such a transformation change in my life and I wanted to pass that on to others. 

 6 months later, I had already quit my full time job and worked part time so that I could work on my own practice and inner self, and shortly after booked my Yoga training, with the same place that my Yoga teacher went to which was Yandara Yoga. My training was held in Bali, and the overall place was a Utopia right on the beachfront. The teachers were so heartfelt, radiant and brimming with knowledge, and all of the Yogis were there was for the betterment of themselves, wanting to learn as much as possible, share as much and also held no judgement, resentment or fear whilst being there. It was a true glimpse of what life could really be like, and I wanted to bring a bit of that back with me to share with my to-be students.  

I came back from the training where I started up my classes, slowly evolving and building to where I am today "working" full time as a Yoga Instructor. I am still on my own journey, finding out more about the depths of myself  and exploring the mind in my spare time so that I can share my experiences with everyone to guide them, and try to create that utopia that I had once discovered to bring to everyone here around where I live. 

There's a lot there with even more to tell but hopefully you can understand my journey in a little more detail, and why I do what I do. I want to help all of you reach this state of peace and realisation that I have managed to find so that you may feel content and happy with your life, but also so that you can pass this on to your family, friends, and colleagues around you.